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WeĀ are currently looking forĀ rave babesĀ to join our growing team and help promote our brand.

Our Program
MLR's Ambassador Program, is aimed at developing andĀ enhancingĀ our social profiles. We are creating a platform teaming up with social media influencers, giving you valuable content that gives you insight on the things they have done, and what you can do to boost engagement, likes, with an end goal of monetising your social platforms.

Enjoy a special 20% lifetime discounts, opportunities to travel overseas, monthly giveaways and photoshoot opportunities with a rave family!Ā 
Furthermore, this year we are giving awayĀ 2 lucky ambassadorsĀ andĀ their BFFĀ a ticket to EDC Orlando 2021.
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Apply TodayĀ and let's work together to create the best contents.
We are very selective on who we bring onto the team.
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